Town of North Castle Enacts New Local Laws in 2016

The Town of North Castle, in Westchester County, New York, recently enacted several local laws for the following purposes:

1.  To amend Chapter 355 (Zoning), to rezone an area along Route 128/Mount Kisco Road, from R-2A One-Family Residence District to R-1A One-Family Residence District, and to amend Chapter 355 with respect to the R-MF-SCH Zoning District.

2.  To amend Section 355-22 of the Code to clarify the multifamily dwellings permitted within the CB-A Zoning District as follows:

Modification to Permitted Principal Use #3: “At least 20%, but not more than 40%, of the total floor area physically located within the CB-A District shall consist of multifamily dwellings located on the second story. At least 20% of dwellings physically located within the CB-A District shall be designated and set aside as AFFH pursuant to §355- 24I of the Town Code.”

Modification to Permitted Principal Use #13: “Multifamily dwellings located on the first floor only when the first floor of the building is actively used, at the street, with retail and/ or other suitable uses as determined by the Town Board.”

3.  To amend Chapter 27 of the Code by repealing the section entitled “Ethics, Code of” in its entirety and adopting new language.

Copies of the new laws can be viewed online:

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