Top Ten Reasons to Call Keith R. Betensky, Esq. During the Coronavirus Pandemic

Many New Yorkers are sheltering in place and working from home where feasible with the hope that the coronavirus will subside quickly and they can resume life as usual.  In the meantime, legal issues abound from the fallout of the coronavirus and otherwise during the normal course of business.  Below is a list of the “top ten” legal issues people can address proactively while they are sheltering/working from home.  The Law Offices of Keith R. Betensky [(914) 338-8050 or] continues to work with full access to all files and we are able to complete just about any transaction.

If you are an existing client, rest assured we will strive to handle your matters in the same efficient manner that we did previously.  If you are a new client, we look forward to working with you – please don’t hesitate to call us for a free consultation.  As a courtesy to all of our clients during this difficult time, we are offering diverse payment options including electronic funds transfer and credit card.

And now without further delay, here are the “top ten” reasons to call Keith R. Betensky, Esq.:

  1. Estate Planning: Complete a Last Will and Testament, Living Will/Health Care Proxy and Durable Power of Attorney. Ask me about creating trusts to minimize your estate tax liability and maximize your legacy.  If you completed your Estate Plan previously, ask me if any changes are recommended due to a change in the law or a change in your life, e.g. divorce, birth of children or birth of grandchildren.
  2. Purchasing Real Estate: If you are purchasing residential property, inquire with your lender about low interest rates and consider retaining me now so that when your offer is accepted you can proceed to contract immediately without delay. Under the Governor’s recent Executive Order, documents can now be notarized by me using video conferencing and our title company has the ability to close all deals by mail with careful planning and orchestration on our part.
  3. Selling Real Estate: Call me to make sure your property is ready for sale from a legal perspective. I can review your title, survey, any liens and any environmental issues, and answer any questions about process and timing.
  4. Apply to NYS for “Essential Business” Status: Ask me about an application to the Empire State Development Corporation to be deemed an “essential business” under the Governor’s Executive Order.
  5. Corporate Housekeeping: Are all of your business entities in good standing and authorized to do business in the State in which they are transacting business?  If you hold title to real estate individually, have you considered the legal benefits of transferring title into a business entity?
  6. Commercial Landlords: Have all of your tenants signed long term leases or have some leases expired and tenants remain on a month-to-month tenancy?  Ask me about the pros and cons of month-to-month tenancies.  Are any of your tenants in default?  Ask me about how to preserve your rights and remedies.  Is your bookkeeping up to date with taxes, insurance and common area maintenance charges and have you passed these costs on to tenants in accordance with the Lease?  If tenants have approached you about a coronavirus related abatement, have you consulted with an attorney to weigh your options?
  7. Commercial Tenants: Have you complied with all of your obligations under the lease? If you are experiencing difficulty paying your rent, have you consulted with an attorney about your options?
  8. Land Use/Zoning Applicants: Have you calendared any filing deadlines and requested extensions of time where necessary?
  9. Municipalities: Have you consulted with me to ensure that your operations are in compliance with the Governor’s recent Executive Orders relating to coronavirus? Have you reviewed your zoning code for inconsistencies that can be resolved with an amendment?  Have you reviewed your wireless telecommunications law to determine whether it complies with recent federal legislation/rules and addresses “small” wireless telecommunication facilities within the public right of way?
  10. Litigants: Have you consulted with me about how your matter may be impacted by the Governor’s recent Executive Orders and recent orders from the courts regarding filing deadlines, etc.?

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, we thank those of you who are observing social distancing and playing their part in combating coronavirus during this challenging time.  Please stay safe and healthy.  We look forward to meeting with you all in person when the coronavirus threat has been checked.  Until that time we will use video conferencing and any other technological means necessary to remain in constant communication with you.

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