Telecommunications Attorney in Westchester County, NY

The attorneys at Betensky Law PLLC have extensive experience representing municipalities, private landowners and telecommunications companies with respect to real estate transactions and land use applications.


Betensky Law PLLC has successfully negotiated leases for wireless telecommunications facilities throughout northern New Jersey and New York, including rooftop facilities, co-locations on other types of existing structures such as church steeples, and cell towers.


Betensky Law PLLC has advised national telecommunications companies, tower companies and private property owners on zoning issues in New Jersey and New York.

Municipal Law

Betensky Law PLLC advises municipalities on drafting and amending their wireless telecommunications laws and regulations, drafting leases and lease amendments, compliance with the Telecommunications Act of 1996, the State Environmental Quality Review Act and other applicable laws, and processing carriers’ land use/zoning applications.

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