Residential Real Estate Attorney, Westchester County

Betensky Law PLLC has extensive experience representing businesses and individuals in a wide variety of residential real estate transactions.

Whether you are buying, selling, financing, expanding or in need of a variance, we have expertise in the following areas of residential real estate law:

  • purchase and sale contracts
  • leasing
  • condominium and cooperatives
  • insurance
  • restrictive covenants
  • zoning code violations
  • zoning permits
  • wetlands
  • stormwater
  • environmental
  • agricultural districts
  • equestrian properties
  • refinancing
  • subdivisions
  • steep slopes
  • other issues

Single Family Homes

residential real estate closing attorney Westchester County, NYBuying and selling a home is often the largest transaction an individual will complete in their lifetime.  As such, the process can seem daunting and stressful.

Having completed thousands of residential closings, the attorneys at Betensky Law PLLC have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure that your transaction goes smoothly. Whether there is a financing issue, an environmental issue or a title issue, chances are we have seen it before and know how to resolve it. Our goal is to resolve all issues in advance so that by the time the client sits down at the closing table, the only task remaining is to sign documents and deliver funds.

Due to the large number of transactions, we have closed over the years, we are familiar with many of the attorneys representing the lenders, the title companies representing the buyers, and the attorneys on the other side of the table.  These relationships allow us to work collaboratively wherever possible and zealously advocate for our clients when necessary.

First time home buyers and experienced investors get the same personalized, accessible, responsive, customer service-oriented service.  Our goal is to keep our clients informed throughout the process and make sure that they understand the documents they are signing.  We have a proven track record for using creative lawyering and advocacy to resolve seemingly complex, potentially adversarial issues.


In addition to purchase and sale contracts, we have extensive experience drafting lease agreements for single family homes.  The leases span the gamut from penthouse apartments in the City to estates in the country. We pay close attention to the evolving nature of residential landlord/tenant law in New York and draft our leases in compliance with those laws.  We understand that there is no “one-size fits all” approach to leasing and we customize each agreement depending on the unique aspects of the deal.

Condos and Coops

We have extensive experience closing transactions involving condominium and coop units.  We assist purchasers with the due diligence process including a review of the Offering Plan, By-Laws, Minutes and financials.  We address any unique issues such as sponsor-controlled buildings, construction defects, flip taxes, pending litigation, building violations, unit alterations, financing for new construction, tax abatements, parking, storage units and other considerations unique to condos and coops.  Post closing, we assist owners with navigating condo and coop rules as issues arise.

No unit is too large or too small for our firm.  Our goal is to give each deal the same attention it deserves.  Whether we are closing a $36,000,000 penthouse apartment in Manhattan or a modest one-bedroom apartment in Bedford Hills, our clients get the same level of service.

Environmental Issues

The most common environmental issues we encounter in the context of single-family home transactions are water quality, oil tanks, radon, mold and insects such as termites.  Rest assured, given the large number of transactions we have closed, we are familiar with virtually all environmental issues.  We often work together with the clients, environmental consultants and other parties to identify and resolve any environmental issues in a time sensitive, cost-effective manner.

Municipal Land Use and Zoning

In Westchester County many residential homeowners need to navigate the local municipal zoning process in order to construct an addition, detached garage, gazebo, tennis court, swimming pool, or convert storage space to habitable living space.  Navigating the zoning process can be time consuming and expensive, and results may vary.  Our experienced land use attorneys work with clients and their design professionals such as engineers and architects to help ensure that the applicant understands the process, timing, decision-making criteria and ultimately the likelihood of success.  We assist clients in responding to public comments and municipal consultants’ comments.  Our goal is to build a strong record and protect private property rights.  Engaging our law firm early in the process allows us to develop a strong record and increase the likelihood of success.  Whether you need site plan approval, a wetland permit, subdivision approval, area variances or a use variance, we have the knowledge and expertise necessary to assist you.

Equestrian Properties

In Westchester, Rockland, Putnam and Dutchess Counties we often encounter single family homes on horse farms.  Due diligence when purchasing these types of properties is unique.  For example, in addition to the typical due diligence on a single-family home, the purchaser may wish to examine water quality, riding ring maintenance history, zoning approvals, farm equipment maintenance history and title information, and other issues.  Clients also sometimes inquire about eligibility for agricultural tax exemptions, conservation easements, and other creative ways to reduce their property taxes.  Whether you are buying, selling or renting a horse farm in New York, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to provide you with the highest level of service.

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