New Law Requires a Mold Assessor License in New York

Effective January 1, 2016, under a recent amendment to Article 32 of the New York Labor Law (the “Law”), a person who conducts a home inspection for a potential real estate transaction must also be licensed as a “Mold Assessor” if their report will include a “mold assessment.”

“Mold assessment” is defined in Section 930 of the Law as “an inspection or assessment of real property that is designed to discover mold, conditions that facilitate mold, indication of conditions that are likely to facilitate mold, or any combination thereof.”

Section 931 of the Law states that “It shall be unlawful for any contractor to engage in mold assessment on a project, or to advertise or hold themselves out as a mold assessment contractor unless such contractor has a valid mold assessment license issued by the commissioner.”

The requirements for obtaining a Mold Assessor’s License are as follows:

  1. Attend a Department of Labor (DOL) approved Mold Assessor course.
  2. Pass the course.
  3. Submit the application form, appropriate fee and a copy of the “certificate of completion” to DOL.

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