Lewisboro Enacts New Local Law Allowing Accessory Structures on Adjacent Lots

The Town of Lewisboro in Westchester County, New York has enacted a new local law allowing accessory buildings such as garages and sheds, on adjacent lots by special use permit. The new law, Local Law No. 2-2016, is intended to grant some relief to a homeowner when it is determined that the principle building lot cannot reasonably accommodate an accessory building.

The law defines “Accessory Building” as “A subordinate building, the use of which is customarily incidental to that of a main building and the height of which does not exceed 20 feet.”

The lot with the principle structure and the lot with the accessory structure must be under the same ownership and there must be a deed restriction tying the accessory lot to the principal lot in the event of a conveyance. Both lots must be located in a residential zoning district and the accessory building must be within 20 feet of the principle lot.  There are additional enumerated requirements which must also be satisfied in order to meet the requirements for a special use permit.

A copy of the new law can be viewed online:   http://www.ecode360.com/documents/LE1300/source/LF895110.pdf

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