Environmental Attorney in Westchester County

Betensky Law PLLC has extensive experience advising clients regarding environmental issues including ground water remediation, soil remediation, vapor intrusion, drinking water remediation, oil tank cleanups, mold, radon, Phase I & Phase II Environmental Site Assessments, Soil Management Plans, Health and Safety Plans, the National Environmental Policy Act and the State Environmental Quality Review Act.

Representative clients include real estate developers, cell tower companies, wireless carriers, manufacturing and retail companies, municipalities, non-profit organizations and individuals. Specific areas of expertise include negotiating environmental indemnity clauses in real estate contracts, obtaining freshwater wetlands permits, aesthetic/viewshed analyses, traffic, noise, stormwater, agricultural and equestrian related issues and endangered species.

Environmental Issues Relating to Residential Real Estate

On residential deals we often encounter drinking water quality issues, radon, mold oil tanks and the occasional termite damage.  The attorneys at Betensky Law PLLC are well versed in how to address these issues.

Environmental Issues Relating to Commercial Real Estate

On commercial deals we often assist clients with completing their due diligence, including a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment and, if necessary, a Phase II Environmental Site Assessment.  Some properties have underground storage tanks that warrant special attention.  Other properties may have sensitive receptors such as a drinking water well or freshwater wetland that warrant further investigation.  The attorneys at Betensky Law PLLC work with the client to ensure that they receive all pertinent information necessary to make an informed decision regarding how to proceed.

We also advise commercial property owners on how to work with the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation and Department of Health to de-list a property undergoing groundwater or soil remediation.  We liaise with surveyors and draft easement agreements, restrictive covenants and other agreements that are necessary to achieve the client’s goals.

Alternative Energy

Renewable energy sources such as wind and solar are the future of the energy industry.  We have experience representing clients who are buying, selling and leasing raw land, drafting and negotiating rooftop agreements, solar farm agreements, turbine farm agreements and navigating the municipal land use permitting process.

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