Curing Medical Office Leasing Symptoms

In some respects, a lease agreement is like the human body. A lease commences, it has a limited duration and eventually it comes to an end.  During the life of a lease, the parties may experience certain symptoms such as parking woes, defaults, noise complaints or access issues.  Diagnosing these issues early and preventative drafting can help avoid those symptoms and lead to a healthy business relationship between the landlord and tenant.

For example, doctors may have unique parking needs. Addressing those parking requirements in the infancy of the relationship and memorializing the parties’ understanding in the lease agreement can help avoid future disputes.  If local permits or variances are required then the agreement can assign responsibility, define timeframes and set forth any contingencies, e.g. if permits cannot be obtained.

Another example is noise. Depending on the physician’s practice area, a quiet office environment may be crucial to the doctor’s ability to provide quality care.  If an office wall backs up to an elevator shaft the parties may wish to address the noise and vibration to the extent feasible during the initial build-out.

Another concern is privacy. The parties may wish to discuss the scope and cost of any additional work associated with soundproofing offices and conference rooms.

Based on the foregoing, having an attorney experienced in drafting and negotiating medical office leases in New York can increase the chances of a healthy business relationship between the landlord and tenant during the life of the lease.

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