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Rockland County is expected to play a critical role in New York’s new adult-use recreational cannabis industry. Rockland businesses will benefit from the county’s central location, dense population, and existing building stock. These attributes give Rockland an advantage as counties throughout the state race to capture their share of what is expected to be a multi-billion-dollar industry.

For cannabis producers, cultivators, and distributors, Rockland is strategically located at a commercial crossroad that could serve as a launchpad for these new businesses. To the east, Gov. Mario M. Cuomo Bridge enables easy travel to Westchester and New York City. Route 287 allows business to flow to and from New Jersey. To the west, Orange County provides a gateway to the fertile farms of Upstate New York.

In addition to beneficial transportation channels, Rockland also has a robust commercial building stock.  A key component to obtain a cannabis license under the New York law, is access to commercial property. Rockland has many existing properties to support such a demand. This in turn will allow emerging cannabis businesses to swiftly open their facilities. Moreover, economically disadvantaged communities will now have an opportunity to be rejuvenated. Rockland has numerous brick and mortar storefronts that are ripe for retail. The ready proliferation of potential retail, cultivation, distribution, and consumption sites may give Rockland County a first-to-market advantage.

Perhaps most significantly, Northern New Jersey could provide a windfall to Rockland towns. While New Jersey has legalized cannabis, it has been slow to implement any regulations. Given the large population just a short ride away in Northern New Jersey, Rockland businesses could benefit from an influx of Garden State consumers. If the New Jersey cannabis industry does not blossom as quickly as New York’s, Rockland based businesses may have an opportunity to seize early market share.

It is important to note that local municipalities may “opt out” of having retail sites such as dispensaries and on-site consumption sites opened in their jurisdiction. The deadline for opting out is December 31, 2021. As of this writing, Stony Point and Orangetown may opt out.

Regardless of one’s personal or political views on whether cannabis should be legal, the national and international trend appears to favor legalization. The cannabis industry is rapidly growing. Now that New York has legalized adult use cannabis, the cannabis industry will no doubt take a strong hold in New York, resulting in millions of dollars in much needed tax revenue.

How A Cannabis Attorney Can Help You

A local cannabis attorney can help you with many aspects of running your cannabis business. We have experience dealing with:

  • State and local government agencies
  • Real estate transactions
  • Business entity formation, and
  • Other related legal issues.

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