Can A Ten Year Judgment Lien on Real Property Be Renewed?

In short, the answer is yes in New York. Pursuant to Section 5014 of the New York Civil Procedure Law and Rules “An action may be commenced under subdivision one of this section during the year prior to the expiration of ten years since the first docketing of the judgment. The judgment in such action shall be designated a renewal judgment and shall be so docketed by the clerk. The lien of a renewal judgment shall take effect upon the expiration of ten years from the first docketing of the original judgment.”

In other words, a judgment creditor may extend the ten year judgment lien for another ten years without having to wait for the lien to expire. The danger in having a gap in time between the original lien and the renewed lien is that another creditor could sneak in and either execute judgment or file a new lien on the real property which would take priority over the original lienor whose lien had expired.

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