Negotiating a Letter of Intent for a Retail Lease

September 15, 2012

Keith R. Betensky, Esq.                                                                              (914)338-8050 Prospective landlords and tenants often wish to negotiate a non-binding letter of intent (“LOI”). The LOI helps reduce the risk of finding out after spending time and money on legal advice that the parties are not in agreement on some of the key business terms. Though …Read More

Branching Out Into Tree Law

September 1, 2012

Most real estate attorneys, brokers and appraisers would agree that trees generally enhance the beauty of a property and therefore increase its value.  In addition to looking nice, trees stabilize steep slopes, reduce erosion and sedimentation from storm water runoff, and provide shade which can significantly reduce electrical bills for …Read More

The Benefit of Written Horse Boarding Agreements

August 30, 2012

All too often horse owners and farms have a “hand shake” agreement pertaining the boarding of an animal without reducing the terms and conditions to writing.  In most instances there are no issues.  However, in those select circumstances where a dispute arises, having a written agreement that clearly sets forth …Read More

10 Simple Writing Tips for Non-Lawyers

August 15, 2012

Attorneys often consult reference books such as a law dictionary, thesaurus, or William Strunk’s Elements of Style when questions arise about proper grammar and usage.  While I do not purport to be a literary expert, over the years I have drafted and reviewed thousands of documents, such as legal correspondence, …Read More

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